My purpose here on Earth has always been to help people in all areas of health – mentally, physically, spiritually, and medically. Rejuvenate-U For Body Odor was launched five years ago after my talks with women who complained of constant genitalia area odor. Between evaluating, diagnosing, treating, and counseling them on hygiene and diet, the concern of body odor never went away. After researching different types of oils beneficial for combating body odor, I started to create cream samples for my patients. One day a customer’s husband came in to purchase a jar of cream and said, “Doc, where is the one for us?” I never thought of men having this problem until I had a conversation with my cousin who confirmed they do and really bad. After 30 days my patients started coming back asking for more of the samples. I laughed and history continues to evolve from that day! In 2013 we started our Booty Cream line for babies and children.

Rejuvenate-U is an eco-nature company that takes pride in making sure that all products are tested to ensure the best quality. We want our customers to be 100% happy.